Workpackage 5 - Events

  • 12-14 September 2016 TURAS & METREX Sofia Autumn Conference

    131 Maria Luisa Blvd. Sofia 1202 BG
    see more details 12 - 14 Sep 2016

    The final conference of the TURAS project is the most significant forum taking place this year with regard to urban development in Sofia. It coincides with the prestigious calendar of events celebrating the feast day of Sofia city. TURAS is honoured that the host for this final TURAS event will be Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova, Mayor of Sofia Municipality.
    The event aims to promote to the general public the consistent policy of Sofia Municipality in implementing urban resilience principles aimed at nature and environmental conservation and cleanliness, energy and resource saving and improvement of the quality of citizens’ life in the context of Sofia candidature to become a "European Green capital". The forum will also give the opportunity to professional society – to the national and international creative and professional organizations, universities, local authorities and governing bodies, responsible for elaboration of strategic documents for development of municipalities, and to the business to get acquainted with the final results of the project implementation and with the obtained experience to create a larger base for application of knowledge and increase the competitiveness and sustainability in the European Union.

  • The 51st ISOCARP 2015 Congress Cities Save the World – Let’s Reinvent Planning, 17-23 October 2015, The Netherlands – Belgium - Germany

    12 city workshops in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany + plenary in Rotterdam
    see more details 17 - 23 Oct 2015

    The 51st ISOCARP 2015 Congress Cities Save the World – Let’s reinvent planning concluded after several successful days, first in 12 different cities in Belgium (Antwerp, Brussels), Germany (Dortmund) and the Netherlands (Amsterdam, Delft-The Hague, Deventer, Eindhoven, Groningen, Maastricht, Rotterdam, Schiphol/Amsterdam, Wegeningen) with the plenary sessions in Rotterdam 21-23 November 2015. The special character of this 50th anniversary ISOCARP congress was a platform for knowledge sharing and inspiration.

    The Congress Brochure and Congress Proceedings, 12 city workshops pitches and posters, Key notes, General Rapporteur conclusions and other congress presentations are are being uploaded on the congress website

  • Green Cities 2015 Malaga

    Malaga, Spain
    see more details 07 - 08 Oct 2015

    Greencities & Sustainability is a highly specialised professional forum where the latest trends and solutions that help to improve the smart management of cities are presented. In order to achieve this, we focus on three themes: Networking and Business opportunities;
    Discussion and Knowledge Forum; Product and services samples for the efficient management.

  • 2015 conference: Green infrastructure in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe: A universal solution to current environmental and spatial challenges?

    University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture.
    see more details 27 - 29 Sep 2015 Network of Spatial Research and Planning in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe 2015 annual conference: Green infrastructure in Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe: A universal solution to current environmental and spatial challenges?, 27-29 September 2015, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, Department of Landscape Architecture.

    At the SPACE-NET 2015 conference several TURAS research papers were presented by ULFGG researchers:

    - Pichler-Milanovič Nataša & Foški Mojca: Green infrastructure and urban resilience in Central Europe: A solution for environmental and spatial challenges in the inner-city of Ljubljana;
    - Simoneti Maja: Urban green infrastructure – planning matters, collaborative management can help;
    - Griessler Bulc Tjaša, Istenič Darja., Uršič Matej, Krivograd Klemenčič Aleksandra.: Green infrastructure for sustainable water management;
    - Griessler Bulc Tjaša, Ameršek Iztok, Dovjak Mateja: The role of green infrastructure in settlements and cities.

    A book of abstracts 2015 is available at:

  • Architecture and Resilience on a Human Scale 2015

    The Edge, Endcliffe Village, Sheffield
    United kingdom
    see more details 10 - 12 Sep 2015

    This conference focuses on research, strategies and projects that are testing how we can build local resilience in preparation for major societal challenges such as climate change, scarcity of resources, increase in extreme weather events and shifts in demographics. The conference will discuss how architecture, urban practices and related fields can make a transformative contribution. It aims to bring together leading theorists, researchers, educators and practitioners to open the debate and help inspire change. The conference welcomes practitioners from many fields including architecture, urban design and planning, landscape and ecology, geography, social sciences and other fields related to spatial studies to present their work. The conference welcomes papers on topics related to these concerns including (but not exclusively) the following topics:
    Local Resilience, Science and Technology
    Local Resilience and Society
    Local Resilience, Pedagogy and Practice

  • 2015 UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference

    London South Bank University - Southwark Campus
    United kingdom
    see more details 09 - 11 Sep 2015

    The theme of the 2015 UK-Ireland Planning Research Conference, 'Future Planning, Future Cities' focuses on both the practice of planning, at different scales and by different actors, and the cities and other places that alternate forms of planning seek to shape. The conference tracks all have a process and a place focus, looking at the value of planning and the outcomes it seeks to achieve.

  • International Scientific Conference in Varna Free University, 28 - 30 May 2015

    Varna, Bulgaria
    see more details 28 - 30 May 2015

    The Faculty of Architecture at Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar" is organizing the 7th Scientific Conference "Architecture, Civil Engineering – Modernity", which will take place in the period 28 - 30 May 2015 in the city of Varna. The conference is under the patronage of the President of VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" – Prof. D. Sc. Anna Nedyalkova.

    This scientific forum is traditional for the Faculty of Architecture. Its main goal is exchange of experience and knowledge in the field of the prospective areas in the sphere of Architecture and Civil Engineering. The conference provides an opportunity to young researchers, renowned scholars and representatives of the business to share their ideas, do business and make contacts, as well as to find partners for future collaborations.

    Participants in the scientific forum are students, Ph.D. postgraduates and scholars from Bulgaria, Italy, Greece, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, Spain, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Turkey, Romania, etc.

  • Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities

    Brussels, Belgium
    see more details 13 Jan 2015

    “Resilient Cities: Novel tools for local authorities” is hosted by IBGE, the Brussels Institute for Environment Management in cooperation with EBN, the European Business and Innovation Centre Network at the new offices of IBGE at Tour et Taxis in Brussels (Belgium) on 13th of January 2015. The TURAS initiative is coordinated by UCD and funded by the European Commission.