Forms of Urban Growth in Southeast Europe: Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability – Volume 2


M. Vujosevic, S. Zekovic (eds), Forms of Urban Growth in Southeast Europe: Transitioning towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability - Volume 2. (2016) Varna: Varna Free University, IAUS - Institute of Architecture and Urban&Regional Planning of Serbia.

The Role of Market and Strategic Planning and Governance in Urban Growth
And Development: The Case of the Metropolitan Area of Belgrade (Serbia). Compendium of Contributions of the IAUS Team to the Project TURAS

This Compendium (Volume 2) presents the results of the research carried out within the scientific project Transition towards Urban Resilience and Sustainability (TURaS) funded by the Seventh Framework Programme (Grant agreement no: 282834) of the EC. It is the second volume of the book Forms of urban growth in Southeast Europe – transitioning towards urban resilience and sustainability. The purpose of the volume is twofold: first, to present the contributions and achievements of the IAUS TURaS team related to WP5 of the TURaS Project (deliverables, specific aims, tasks, etc.), and second, to contribute to the guidelines for controlling urban sprawl and the strategic governance of resilient and sustainable urban development. This research was carried on over a period of almost five years (2011-2016), within the framework defined by the general and specific aims and goals of the TURaS Project.

The contributions are presented here as original papers, as selected parts of
already published original papers (mostly abstracts and conclusions), or as recently reworked, amended, revised or corrected reports, etc. Also, this selection has been extracted from various contributions to WP5 (e.g., milestones, deliverables, etc.), with a view above all to present the application of innovative approaches and methodologies in this sphere. The accent has been placed, first and foremost, on the development of the Belgrade metropolitan area, then on its comparison with the development of pertinent areas of Rome and Sofia, and third, on other directly or indirectly related issues. Thereby, this Compendium offers a generous selection of key contributions by the IAUS TURaS team and provides important research material on urban growth, sprawl, resilience and related aspects (fields).